2019 corporate social responsibility report of Shanghai Shopworks Fixture & Display Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Shopworks Fixture & Display Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Shopworks Fixture & Display Co.,Ltdcombined with the problems in the construction of integrity culture, under the new situation, put forward the ideas and requirements of "sticking to the right and creating the new, casting the soul of xiaopuwu, dealing with the dialectical relationship among good people, system and culture, and making xiaopuwu" solid, strong and big ". A series of targeted measures have been taken to improve the system process, improve the decision-making balance mechanism, improve the decision-making transparency, implement the eight provisions, and strengthen the audit supervision, so as to enhance the scientificity of decision-making, enhance the ability of managing enterprises according to law, plug up loopholes, and prevent risks.

(1) Managing enterprises according to law and operating in good faith

Stick to the bottom line of the law. Establish the concept of the rule of law, comprehensively protect the legitimate rights and interests of shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and consumers according to law, abide by the national laws and regulations on the environment, production safety, product quality, fair competition and other requirements, and strictly prohibit commercial bribery, tax evasion, unfair competition, unfair trading and other illegal acts.

Follow business ethics. Do the right, fair and equal things, and put an end to the lack of integrity.

Managing enterprises in accordance with laws and regulations. We should establish a system culture of "respecting the system, starting from me, abiding by the law and investigating violations" and a culture of implementing the system.

(2) Enrich responsibility culture

The integration of social responsibility and corporate culture is one of the characteristics of social responsibility in Xiaopu house. Xiaopuwu takes "respect, innovation, harmony and win-win" as the core values of the enterprise, and takes "adhering to people-oriented, forging first-class talents; adhering to quality first, building high-quality projects; adhering to the advantage of sex and price, providing high-quality services" as the enterprise tenet. At the same time, it strives to explore the responsibility management and practice mechanism guided by integrity and compliance, and promote the practice of characteristic theme In this way, we can create a corporate image of "reliable employees, trustworthy society, and most assured shareholders".

(3) Improve the organizational system

Improve the organization and implement the system. In 2014, the group connected the social responsibility management requirements with its functions, and put forward new responsibility management requirements for the enterprise management department, legal affairs department and human resources department. Through the above work, the responsibilities of the matrix responsibility management organization system are clearer, the division of labor is clearer, and the responsibilities are more implemented. The group's social responsibility management system consists of organization guarantee, planning promotion, index system, communication, inspection and evaluation, fund guarantee, etc. the implementation rules include key performance indicators and key performance statistics indicators. According to the system, we should formulate responsibility plan, promote responsibility practice and prepare social responsibility report. In 2014, the focus of the group's system construction is to carry out system training, promote system implementation, and strengthen inspection and evaluation. This year, in the revision of important systems related to investment, procurement, finance, personnel and asset disposal within the group, more than 120 rules and regulations were sorted out, and more than 90 approval processes were established.

(4) Improve the working mechanism

In order to promote the in-depth development of the social responsibility work mechanism of "promoting management by organization", the group has incorporated the social responsibility evaluation into the overall evaluation of the group, and promoted the organic combination of responsibility performance and business operation. Training was carried out to spread the knowledge of social responsibility, improve the understanding of social responsibility, and promote the development of social responsibility work. Social responsibility communication, understanding the demands of stakeholders, learning the advanced experience of benchmarking enterprises. The group uses its official website to timely release social responsibility news, actively organize and strengthen communication and publicity.

(5) Protection of rights and interests

1. Insist on equal employment. The group always adheres to the principle of fairness and justice, recruits and uses employees according to job requirements, does not treat employees differently due to gender, age, disease, race and other differences, and strives to build a career development platform for each employee.

2. Democratic management. Xiaopuwu enterprises at all levels strictly implement the local labor laws, regulations, rules and policies, sign labor contracts with all employees in accordance with the law; we adhere to and improve the enterprise democratic management system in the form of workers' Congress, effectively protect the employees' right to know, participation and supervision, through holding workers' Congress, employee reception day, rationalization suggestions, etc In 2014, xiaopuwu clarified the authority of human resource information management, formulated relevant management systems, and strengthened the protection of employees' personal information. In addition, we also actively organize various kinds of professional quality training to enhance the awareness of managers at all levels to protect employees' privacy information.

3. Occupational health management. Xiaopu house strictly abides by labor protection law, occupational disease prevention law and local occupational disease prevention regulations. In 2014, we formulated and implemented the "Xiaopu house occupational health management system", continuously improved the occupational safety and health management regulations, strengthened the monitoring of occupational hazards in the workplace, posted occupational hazard warning signs in the workplace, and regularly tested results of occupational health projects, strengthened labor protection measures to reduce and avoid the incidence of occupational diseases, and strictly required subordinate enterprises to improve the working environment and invest in the industry A large amount of funds for technological transformation will be invested to reduce labor intensity.

(6) Employee care

Help the employees in need. The group and its affiliated enterprises have established all kinds of mutual aid funds, relief funds, care funds and assistance mechanisms for employees, and carried out special assistance activities for employees with family difficulties to reduce their living burden. Care for female employees. The group strictly abides by the laws and regulations on the protection of female workers, constantly improves the working environment and conditions of female employees, and implements the regulations on maternity leave and lactation leave for female employees. At the same time, we guarantee that female employees and male employees enjoy equal and competitive salary and benefits, and provide equal career development opportunities.

Work life balance. Xiao Pu house focuses on balancing the work and life of employees, advocates effective work style and healthy life concept, normalizes and institutionalizes the cultural activities of employees, and integrates them into the daily management of the enterprise. The group staff association and enterprise groups at all levels organize and carry out a variety of amateur activities, such as badminton and basketball games. The group leaders take the lead in participating in the recreational and sports activities It is an important carrier to gather the strength of employees and build a harmonious enterprise.

(7) Enthusiasm for public welfare

The group is concerned about the disabled, and is committed to providing convenience for the employment of the disabled, and solving the employment problem of nine disabled people for the community Xiangmihu sub district office. In addition, the Group actively carried out cooperation with colleges and universities, carried out industry university research cooperation with the school of civil engineering and communications of South China University of technology, established industry university research demonstration base, and donated RMB 500000 to the education development foundation of Harbin Institute of technology to establish laboratory.

(8) Improve customer satisfaction

Establish customer management system. The group continuously promotes the construction of customer management system, creates valuable products and services for customers, and improves customer loyalty and satisfaction. Actively respond to customer complaints. The Group actively unblocks the communication channels between customers and enterprises, constantly combs the complaint handling workflow, implements post responsibilities, and timely and properly solves customer complaints, forming a fast and effective customer opinion implementation and feedback mechanism.

Customer satisfaction survey. The Group continues to carry out customer satisfaction surveys on a regular basis, constantly optimize the survey methods, enhance the data analysis ability, and improve the scientificity and accuracy of customer satisfaction surveys. According to the survey results, the Group continues to improve the customer service system, enhance customer service ability, and improve customer satisfaction.